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Creating Strategic Clarity & Engagement


Why this guide is important for you.

Helping employees achieve strategic clarity and a sense of engagement is essential in ensuring that everyone understands the key priorities in a team, a department or function, or as part of a division. It is also important in enabling them to feel connected to where the business is heading and to see how their work is making the greatest contribution to the success of the company.

Studies into employee engagement in recent years have also thrown up interesting findings. Employee engagement is not as black and white as being engaged or disengaged. The more engaged an employee feels the more likely it is they will provide discretionary effort; in other words offering more without being asked. Over the last five years companies that have achieved double digit growth have reported up to 20% more employee engagement than in slower growing ones.

Effective managers take seriously their role in providing direction and meaning for people’s work and linking their activities, duties and tasks to the larger organisational purpose and strategy. The business environment in which we operate, however, makes creating strategic clarity and engagement particularly important as well as challenging. Competitive pressures force frequent changes in direction, and team and individual expectations regularly change as resources are reallocated and job requirements expand and get revised. The complexities and ambiguities of the business environment make it increasingly difficult for employees to understand how their work and daily activities are advancing the organisation’s goals and producing useful results. It can be difficult for employees to see how their piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits into the bigger picture. Communicating the big financial targets and results can sometimes feel very disconnected to the realities of their day-to-day work.

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