Develop individual, team and organisational capability

Coaching Programmes

We believe coaches need to have a coaching repertoire of breadth and depth in order to coach effectively and meet the needs and the multiple contexts of the client in our care.

Coaching for us is about increasing client awareness and insight, so they can build their confidence and commitment to take the action necessary to achieve their goals and realise their ambitions.

We provide coaching services in three areas of focus;

  • Individual executive and leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Developing a coaching culture (part of our Culture First practice)



Several benefits can be achieved from coaching:

  • Greater ability to deal with change and transition
  • Enhanced performance, motivation and productivity
  • Strengthened personal adaptability and resilience
  • Amplified cognitive agility and emotional intelligence
  • More successful and satisfying working relationships

Each coaching assignment is approached with consideration to its unique characteristics and specific outcomes.


We coach intact teams on real-world issues, helping them to solve VUCA challenges, so enabling teams to develop mindset, skills, knowledge and greater agility to manage these issues more effectively.

Unlike team building or facilitation, team coaching is primarily focused on increasing collective capability and team effectiveness.

By becoming more cohesive, effective and productive, teams increase their incremental performance impact and value.


Developing a coaching culture across the organisation transforms work environments – more engaging, more compassionate and focused of performance.

We help all people managers to hold more in-the-moment-coaching conversations, providing just-in-time quality feedback that enhances performance and relies less on the annual appraisal.

A coaching culture helps people to grow, thrive and perform.

Our coaching engagement process has six steps, designed to ensure a complete, clear and mutual understanding of the presenting need and the most effective coachee experience is achieved.

We utilise a coaching platform, offered free to our clients, to facilitate the matching, management and measurement of coaching programmes.

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