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 A word from the founder 

We love to work with organisations who want to create a wonderful place to work.


Hi, I’m Joe. Thanks for perusing our site.

My colleagues and I have a passionate belief that every enterprise is ultimately a human enterprise.

We believe no matter the experience, skills and knowledge any seasoned professional may have, the demands their professional life makes of them can sometimes feel relentless, constraining, unanswerable and sometimes paralysing.

We believe leaders generally want to lead authentically, purposefully and with significance to others, but sometimes get stuck. Teams sometimes don’t feel cohesive, energised or fun to be part of.

We believe that we all have an ember of ‘greatness’ inside of us that is dying to be kindled and flamed into a blazing fire of realised potential.

We provide moments of pause so leaders and teams can discover new ways of being and achieving, so that they feel re-energised, inspired, renewed and ready to deal with the VUCA world they live in.

We work with senior leaders and teams to re-think and re-group and as a consequence they strengthen their personal leadership, find new ways of working and foster a climate around them where they and others bring their best selves into play and thrive.

Work becomes a great place to be.  Creativity, innovation and productivity blossom. Your business becomes more agile and stands out from the crowd.  And results follow.

We partner, support and challenge our customers and deliver experiences that are memorable, inspiring and practical.  But please don’t just take my word for it.


"The best, most relevant and memorable leadership and management training I've ever experienced."

Adam Smallman, PEI Media Group

"Often people ask me what the best training I’ve ever been on was, and I reference 'Engaging with Engagement'. It had such an impact that culture, engagement and its drivers are always such a massive part of my work."

Samantha Baker, UK Government Investments

How we can help

“We are a niche consultancy delivering bespoke solutions that are crafted from insightful and robust diagnosis of the performance issue.”

Joe España, Founder of Performance Equations

Our approach


We believe in close relationships, working collaboratively and inclusively with all our clients and partners. We actively seek to understand others and develop a spirit of mutual trust and respect. We work to develop an atmosphere of genuine teamwork, enabling people to feel that we are true partners in the achievement of our mutual goals and aspirations.



We believe in being true to ourselves; enjoying everything we do while remaining professional and working in principled and ethical ways. Having a sense of fun is important to us as well as having honesty and integrity. We want to work genuinely in the moment with people and organisations, doing what’s right and doing the right thing; delivering on our promises and demonstrating commitment to people and their goals.



We believe passionately in what we do and put heart and soul into our creative effort. We have the courage to take risks and learn, and we want to inspire compelling ideas in all our partners and help them all to have the courage to step outside their comfort zone. We want to be bold, spirited and daring in what we do; having the energy and drive to exceed client expectations, and fulfil dreams.


Making a substantive, visible and measurable difference is our ultimate goal. Focusing on practical and measurable outputs, we want to demonstrate our value to individuals, teams and organisations as a whole.  We believe the performance improvement and the results achieved together speak for themselves.

Our people

Joe España
Managing Consultant, Coach

Founder and Managing Consultant with over 30 years qualified experience consulting and coaching with global brands.

Dave Bates
Consultant, Coach

A qualified Coach and Leadership Consultant, Dave is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience.

Dilys Greenwood
Consultant, Coach

A qualified Coach and Development Consultant with over 25 years experience helps clients integrate learning.

Andi Roberts
Consultant, Coach

A qualified Facilitator and Coach, Andi brings over 20 years leadership development experience to the team.

Helen Priestley
Consultant, Coach

With a 30 year track record, Helen is a qualified Coach and Consultant helping clients develop leadership effectiveness.

Darren Briggs
Consultant, Coach

A qualified Coach, Darren brings over 30 years experience in leadership and change communication.

Our Partners

REAL FOKUS Consulting

Real Fokus consulting are our employee engagement and experience strategic partners.  With years in the field, they collaborate with us in qualitative research and employee experience (EX) journey mapping and design.


DiSCGB are our Everything DiSC and Lencioni 5 Behaviours team assessments strategic partners, providing rich insights through a variety of tools.


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